Matt Giggs

After attaining huge success in both independent and corporate estate agencies for 17 years, Matt started his own agency, Giggs and Company, in May 2012. 
Through his leadership and drive, the business reached number one in the local property market in just 4 months, a position which it has retained ever since.
Scaling that success up and creating The Giggs Group, Matt is now the managing partner and mentor of 4 additional Estate Agencies, a Mortgage company and a coaching enterprise, proving that his business model of putting community at the heart of everything he does works.
He’s passionate about the integrity of Estate Agency and wants to replace the cliché of the pushy agent with a property professional who focuses on their audience’s goals and makes the experience of buying or selling a house a positive one.
With his honest and straight forward approach, he raises the bar by sharing his knowledge, experience and vision of this new standard of estate agency across the country by coaching other businesses to reach their full potential.
His energy is infectious and it’s impossible to come away without feeling inspired to be, and do, better.